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One Latina’s Pen-The Novice writer

     So I had to start all over again. Not because of divorce (had that 3 years ago) or a lost job or midlife crisis, those would be good (acceptable) reasons.  I’m starting a blog over again, because I forgot my user name and password. I’m going to blame it on my chemo of five years ago. Whenever I forget anything I blame the chemicals that coursed through my veins and destroyed the cancer cells.
     The intention of blogging could be multiple choice, however I’d forget that many reasons. So the main point for blogging is to keep my goal of daily writing, talk about the experiences I’ve had as a novice writer, and give one Latina’s opinion on a bunch of stuff.
     On the tip of my fingers I’d say the experiences of writing a novel is one of the hardest I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. Hey, I worked in a prison for many years, grew up in the ‘hood, and I’m a woman;one of color. And writing is still up there as one of the hardest things I’ve attempted. I’ve written till it hurts, both my heart and my butt, and fingers. But there’s just something about writing fiction, creating characters, and telling a story. I’m hooked, what can I say.
    My first manuscript, working title “A Butterfly Heart,” is with an agent, hopefully she is reading the rest of it now. She wants to change the title, fine with me, I’m more concerned with getting it published after spending close to two years on it.
    The novel is a coming of middle age story about two best friends who struggle to redefine themselves after they lose their husbands, one to divorce and the other through death. The main character, Lili Rivera, tries to pick up the pieces after her divorce but the road to rediscovery is bumpy, especially when she is arrested for drunk driving and her ex-husband is a Police Captain. Her best friend, Veronica, a Christian woman, believes it’s her job to help Lili find the right path, although she has more than enough of her own problems, like a son in alcohol recovery and personal secrets, to keep her busy.
     I’m sure I’ll be getting some direction from my agent very soon, so I’ll keep my fingers limber and my user name and password safe, somewhere. Maybe I’ll write them down in two ‘somewheres,’ and increase my odds.

What do you think?

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