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The Blogosphere…it’s a jungle out there

     There’s a friggin’ crick in my neck from trying to find my friend and fella novice writer’s blog. So I gave up and sent her an email. Then I went back and Googled ‘Latina writers.’ I’m impressed there were many to scroll through and I clicked on a few to ‘follow.’
     I picked up the word “Latinish,” from a site of the same name, good writing and an interesting perspective. First I thought the writer was a ‘halfer.’ (that’s what I call Half Mexican, Half Anglo or that’s what they called me and my siblings in the 70’s). I’m not really a halfer, but that’s another story.
      Latinish is an Anglo woman married to a Mexican man; she loves all things Latino, speaks very good ‘pocha’ and probably ‘real’ Spanish too.  I clicked on her blog to follow.
     Chica Writer was selected because of her book reviews. I totally agreed with one, but I won’t say the author’s name, I respect her previous work. 
     Then there is “No Hablas Espanol,” from a young late 20’s Latina, I think 3rd generation. Her writing made me laugh…”No Ninetendo.” Sounds like my kids.
     La Bloga was selected because it has a boo-koo list of names, mean’s un chingo, a lot of contributors who are published authors, including mis favoritas, Michele Serros and Sandra Cisneros.
     Then we have “Isolated Experience,” sounds very mellifluous. My son gave me that word, it’s one of his favorites. Guess what, he has a word tattoo’d on his upper arm that is an example of a mellifluous word. Not kidding. I love that title and clicked to follow it because I’ve been there (isolated experience), probably one too many times. 
     “Living La Vida Latina,” is just too cute. Great graphics and they had a badge I could take. I had a badge for years….another story. 
     And last but not least I’m following “A Little Cup of Mexican Chocolate,” because I loves me my chocolate, Mexican style. 
     So you’ll excuse me while I stretch out my neck and go make dinner, probably spaghetti with meatless ground and ‘gimme sausage,’ another meatless item. My youngest doesn’t eat red meat and hates ground turkey-“It smells.” I doctor the meatless stuff with garlic, onion, mushrooms, and lots of basil and viola, itsa spicy meatball. And of course, what would a dish of spaghetti be without a glass of this week’s favorite red “Benefactor Cellars,” from Trader Joe’s by way of Mendocino County-only $4.99. That should take the crick out of my neck.   

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