Valentine's Day, Wisdom

Oh no, it’s Valentine’s Day…

     That’s what I heard from a friend last week. She was going to avoid going out and/or sleep away VD day.
     I’ve been there. I understand. For one year, not any time you’re without a man. Her avoidance made me think about my own reactions.
     You know you’re healthy again, maybe for the first time, when Valentine’s Day comes and you don’t feel like constructing a  papier-mache effigy of your ex and using your kids baseball bat to knock the shit out of your personal piñata.
     And when you can get through Valentine’s Day without crying when you see the big red hearts, the flowers, and the couples, or duck the Valentine Day card aisle every time to go to Walgreen’s, you know you’ve made progress.
     And you’re really over the loss of a love when you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, family and/or yourself, drink champagne, eat dark chocolate, share flowers, and tell yourself that you are loving and lovable.
     That’s how I spent this weekend (above paragraph) with friends(piñata & crying) in beautiful downtown  Berkeley, celebrating a friend’s birthday and engagement party. We wished her all the best and are happy that she’s in love and chose to celebrate that on…
oh yes, on Valentine’s Day.

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