Manuscript TItle-Change or not?

My novel, A Butterfly Heart, is a coming of middle age story set in contemporary times. Lili Rivera is trying to pick up the pieces after her 20 year marriage comes to an end. Now she is navigating the world of single parenthood, kids, finances,work, and dating. She finds the road to self discovery full of potholes and detours, especially when she is arrested for drunk driving and her ex-husband is a police officer. Her best friend’s husband and her ex’s police partner, was killed by a drunk driver.

That’s a  blurb on my first manuscript. It may not retain the working title and the recommendation was to change it to reflect that the characters are Latina’s. Actually there are Latina, African American, and multi-cultural characters. The two main characters are 45 years old, with teen and young adult kids. One of the young adults is in recovery for an addiction, the other is getting her Master’s Degree. 
So I’ve been thinking about that suggestion to change “A Butterfly Heart,” as the working title. What about Corazon Mariposa? too much Spanish? A Mariposa Heart? too Spanglish. I’d love some suggestions. I know I’m not giving much about the novel, but just throwing the question out there. 

What do you think?

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