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Writer burnout, "Mind the Gap."


     After a month filled with writer’s workshops, boot camps, early morning/late night sessions, and group critiques I almost fell into the gap, that  “point of no return.” Stop typing, stop thinking, shove the manuscript into a cubbyhole, file cabinet, or shredder, I said to myself, and pay more attention to your kids-note: they’re in their late teens so don’t call CPS on me. 
     “Is it worth it?” crosses my mind while I’m thinking of making a dramatic swoon into said gap, and imagine no one knowing I’m there. But I pause and remind myself this is just another ‘there,there’ moment. I’ll just chill and do a little research on the Young Adult market, since that is the audience for my second 85% almost completed first draft. 
     I Google “YA Book Market” and in .18 seconds get 6.8 million results. One of which is the Association of American Publishers (AAP). Their new report is out, not specifically on YA market, but all of the markets. I stop looking at the gap and take a looksie at the report. It states there are multi- million dollars in sales. I step up and over the gap, back into the metro (pic is the Tube in London). Not that I think I’ll receive any of those bucks any time soon, or ever, it’s not really about the $$ signs. 
     “People are still reading, still buying,”  I shout, and more in 2010 than 2009.  That’s great news, the report encouraged me.  So this is part of the AAP report. I hope it encourages you whenever you have writer’s burnout or a ‘shred or cubbyhole’ moment. And those times will come, it’s guaranteed, and when they do, remember to “mind the gap.” 

E-books and downloadable audio books continue to grow in popularity according to the January 2011 sales report of the Association of American Publishers.
Figures for the first month of the new year show that E-book net sales increased by 115.8% vs January 2010 (from $32.4 Million to $69.9M). Sales of Downloadable Audio Books also rose by 8.8% vs the previous year ($6.0M to $6.5M). As AAP reported last month in its December 2010 monthly report and full 2010 analysis, E-book sales have increased annually and significantly in all nine years of tracking the category.
Among the other highlights of the January 2011 report:
  • Total books sales on all platforms, in all categories, hit $805.7 Million for January. This was a slight drop from January 2010’s $821.5M sales (-1.9%).
  • Adult Hardcover category fell from $55.4M to $49.1M (-11.3%), Adult Paperback dropped from $104.2M to $83.6 (-19.7%) and Adult Mass Market declined from $56.4M to $39.0 (-30.9%)
  • In the Children’s/Young Adult category, Hardcover sales were $31.2M in January 2011 vs $31.8M in January 2010 (-1.9%) while Paperbacks were $25.4M, down 17.7% from $30.9M in January 2010.
  • Physical Audio Books sales were $7.3M vs $7.9M the previous year (-6.7%).
  • Sales of Religious Books grew by 5.6%, from $49.8M to $52.6M.
The full report is on http://www.publishers.org 

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