Command Central

     I have been in a near tizzy for the past few days. I know why and it’s perfectly acceptable. My second manuscript in nearing the 95% mark of completion–first draft, and my protagonist is keeping me up at nights. It’s like she’s saying ‘no, I don’t want the story to end.’ She’s not the boss of me, but I’m wondering if other writers have this happen or is it just me? I’ve been at command central (my laptop and cubby area) for days.

     See my motivational stickers “Keep Going,” and prompts “What does the character think, feel, want, fear?,” on index cards behind my laptop on the bulletin board? My favorite scriptures are stuck on there too, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Then there is the ubiquitous coffee cup and in the evening there is iced tea or a glass of wine. Guess what’s there now.
    The tizzy is exacerbated, ( an exacerbated tizzy?) because it’s T minus 2 days until I go on vacation to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest and as always there are numerous strings to tie up, besides my protag. I have to tie up my mom’s strings too. My bags are already packed and locked but I need to go over to mom’s and pack her things. If not there’ll be 20 underwear and no pants or 20 pants and no underwear. Then we need an entire tote bag for her meds and makeup. Awh, don’t get me started.
    But back to my protag, Juana Maria Ivanov. She’s giving me the blues. I want to finish the story but it seems I’m dragging on too much. I hate to wait for two weeks. So I either finish regardless of what JMI wants or leave it undone. I’m going to go back to the MS in a bit and listen to what my fingers have to say before they go on strike.

What do you think?

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