Royal Wedding comments

The Royal Wedding: 10 reasons why I stayed up until dawn

Yes, I was one of those people who stayed up until 5 a.m. to watch most of the coverage of the Royal Wedding while drinking Her Royal Majesty’s tea and Shortbread cookies I snagged while waiting for a connection at Heathrow two weeks ago.

I watched my favorite media people, Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and Richard Quest on CNN, comment (well Richard yells) about the happenings and it was worth it to stay up so late/early. Why:

1-It was a ‘fairy-tale’ affair. The dress was the epitome of grace and elegance and the groom was in a very manly uniform. He looked like he stepped out of a deluxe version on ” An Officer and A Gentleman.”

2- Westminster Abbey. I’ve been there, as a tourist of course, and this time I was able to see every arch and column in all of it’s panoramic beauty. It appeared lit from within with all of the glowing chandeliers. The ethereal lushness of the trees only added to the beauty.

3-The hats. Oh come on, they added a great sense of ‘ooh’ and ‘whaa?!’ moments while we waited for the ceremony to begin. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie do not take first and second place, that goes to Tara Tominkson who’s  hat looked like an over-sized electric blue canoe, with the tarp crumpled up inside of it. The bow of the canoe pointed directly at her nose, which Piers Morgan, pointed out had ‘work’ done to it. Work done because it collapsed from cocaine use. Now don’t you think if you’d want to divert attention from a nose, (which looked like it was still in progress), and wear something more demure, like a pillbox. She touched her nose quiet a lot, come to think about it.

4-The crowds. They were so well mannered and many of them dressed appropriately for the occasion. When interviewed they were so happy for the couple and full of British pride. It was lovely to see that atmosphere.

5-The Royal couple. The camera showed every half smile, nervous gesture, glance and side conversation the couple had as they waited for the “I DO’s.” And did I doze off and miss Prince William receiving his wedding ring?

6-The Pomp and Circumstance. When the cathedral bells rang out, the horses pranced, the Union Jack flew just so and “God Save the Queen” was sung with reverence and pride.

7-Piers Morgan.  He gave Anderson Cooper a tongue lashing for calling Princess Di’s dress a ‘meringue’ of a dress.  Then he slammed AC’s suit. But he also swelled with pride and I’m pretty sure there was a catch in his throat when the Royal couple exited the Abbey. He used the words ‘the monarchy is back,’ ‘we’re looking at the future monarchy,’ with palpable pride and awe. Much of this,I’m sure, may be because so many of the British people over 40 remember Princess Diana’s wedding and her time so well, and now here’s her little boy all grown up, and possibly the next King of England.

8-Anderson Cooper. I love watching him but he was out of place there and probably wanted to be somewhere else. “Meringue of a dress…..poofy. I didn’t mean it offensively. Is that an offense?
“Puffy…the phrase you used was one of the greatest most majestic dresses, Piers Morgan said, with a rather stiff upper lip.
Cooper: “All right. Never mind.” He laughed a few times and I just love that laugh.

9-The unexpected. Why is this priest so happy. Could it be national pride, love in the air, or is it

10- The hope. There are bits of ‘fairy tale,’ among the turmoil of the years events, and the wedding is a brief reminder that happiness and hope do exist, love does abound, and life moves forward, sometimes in cartwheels.  

What do you think?

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