Poetry from My Mac

poetweet screen shot
poetweet screenshot

I love poetry. I like reading lines from other people’s minds, all the time.

Today, I learned of poetry from a computer’s mind. Yes, an inanimate object making animate words into lines of a poem.

Poetweet searches through your original tweets and transforms them into computer-generated poetry. The site says they “track the data of your inspiration” and proceed to “analyzing your deepest thoughts.”

All you have to do is enter your Twitter handle, choose between a sonnet (14 lines), a rondel (French lyric of 2 stanzas of 4 lines, last one of 5), or the esoteric indiriso.

Isidro Iturat, a professor of Spanish literature from Buenos Aires created this new standardIndriso is a poem formed by two terzains and two one-line stanzas (3-3-1-1), with free use of the number of syllables in its verses.

Here’s an example of my Twitter generated indiriso:

Black Heart

My Heart & Other Black Holes
River quality with camera-less
New wave of female-led titles

You Keep Writing | Write to Done
— And Still Do #librarians
Now That I No Longer Teach in One

Of their local public libraries

Your Manuscript’s New Best Friend

A rondel:

It’s free
by AlvaradoFrazier

You win & Merry Christmas!
Dead & she is the only suspect.
My Town at Christmas
Publishing Internship Project

Newly Diagnosed HER2 Metastatic |
Yglesias, Algonquin
Are only cautiously optimistic.
There are new mountains. U Le Guin

Splendor for next-generation

Art World Gender Imbalance

The Irish Mexican Connection

Allen to Write and Direct TV Series

Violence, drugs, and depression.

A sonnet:

Best Friend
by AlvaradoFrazier

Tex-Mex and BBQ culture
— And Still #librarians
Women painted out of the picture
YA Books Featuring American Indians

Committed to agents or publishers
local public libraries
Butt Calisthenics for Writers
Serros: Author, Poet, Friend

| Wise Ink’s Blog for Indie Authors
Black Authors and Self-Publishing
Latina producers, directors

Splendor for next-generation
Webinar Female firefighters and breast cancer
The author platform. It’s FEAR.”

Well, these poems may not make much sense, but the poems tell a story, my Twitter story. Now I love my Mac even more.

Have a great weekend, create poetry and have some fun.

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