About Me

Hello and welcome,

I appreciate your interest in this blog where I share the challenges of life reflected through story.

Hearing other people’s stories pushed me through difficult times with my challenges of breast cancer, abuse, and divorce. I’ve found that faith, family, humor, and wisdom helped me thrive.

I’m compelled to write about girls and women whose voices aren’t heard, who have been abandoned, abused and/or made poor decisions. How they pick themselves up, or grab a helping hand, and do better are stories worth telling.

On a personal note, I’m blessed to have three wonderful young adult kids: two left-handed Vegan creatives and a vegetarian cat lover who collects comic books and Frida Kahlo art. I also have two grand-kitties.

When I’m not writing, traveling, volunteering, or on a hike, I’m curled up watching K-Dramas.

Be well,

Mona AlvaradoFrazier

Twitter: @AlvaradoFrazier

Instagram: m.alvaradofrazier

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi… I thoroughly enjoyed, laughed, cried a bit, as I read your article on tamales; brought back lots of memories. Every year, Christmas week, my 2 daughters, a granddaughter and usually an anglo guest or two makes tamales. I learned from my beloved Hispanic mother-in law starting about 57 years ago. I am of Irish extraction and have been married to a Hispanic for about 58 years. We have raised 5 children… all of whom have earned college degrees. Our oldest daughter is an attorney; our middle daughter currently unemployed and desperately seeking a job; our middle son runs the lan/wan internet connection for the Oregon Department of Revenue; our oldest son is a lighting designer for Knott’s Berry Farm; our youngest son is a priest in Northern California in the Santa Rosa Diocese…. all great folks that gave us no problems to speak of. They didn’t walk on water but they have been good human beings. I hope & pray that you & yours have a blessed Advent & Christmas season. Pat Villaescusa


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