Travel, Travel to Prague

Traveling to Prague, Vienna & Budapest

It’s Travel Thursday, and the travel gods must have known it. Triple A called. They had my travel documents ready. This is my second tour with Triple A. Usually, I book my own flight, hotel, and tours. But I had to compromise with my travel companions. They wanted “Lively, Escorted” in 5 cities, 2 days each, with everyone on a schedule and doing the two-step pack and unpack.

I need my space, I have to wander, I want to discover that great little restaurant or museum. Hence, my favorite activity of perusing travel books and TripAdvisor.

They were happy that I found a flight for almost $400 less than the tour company but unhappy that it was British Air. The last time we took BA, our luggage was lost from 3 days to 1 month-my. The baggage was a one-month delayed.

We lost time and were unable to visit Musee D’Orsay and Sacre Couer. It took a while to find a Monoprix. It was like a combo Rite Aid and Target, but we found what we needed to get by, and lucky for me (and everyone else), I had my tote bag of hygiene and extra undies and blouse.

I’m still taking only a carry-on for the 12 days. Who cares that I wear some of the same clothes more than twice, as long as the photos don’t reflect that fact. And a scarf does wonder to dress and change up an outfit.

My motto is to buy something from that country if I don’t have enough to wear. No room in the suitcase? Leave one of your t-shirts or blouses there or trade them. If that fails, I may do what I saw a woman at CDG-Paris do. She layered two pairs of pants, two blouses, a vest, a sweater, and a coat on her and a beret.

She did not look cute, but she avoided paying baggage costs and was warm on the plane.

I’m going to make the carry-on and tote bag work. I think I can do it, but if not, I’ll check the luggage in, pat it goodbye, and say a prayer to the travel gods.

What do you think?

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