poetry, Rafael Alvarado

Poetry by Rafael Alvarado

Probably because of my mood, the gray of the day, and I recently watched “For Colored Girls…” I chose to post a poem I came across while reading La Bloga and a post by Melinda Palacios. At the end of the poem you can find a link to hear a radio interview with the poet.

A Thousand Unridden White Horses
by Rafael Francisco Jose Alvarado
for corrie
she wants prince charming
she is of a fairytale heart
how do I tell her
prince charming died in the sixties
the sex revolution
easy access
made men worse than they already were
so the few who had that right heart
never understood
what it is to care
for a woman
with an open heart
who doesn’t want much
just honest eyes
that don’t lie

there, are a thousand unridden white horses
waiting to be found
how do I to tell her
that sometimes men fall short
don’t have the balls to love
passed lukewarm affection
when a woman dresses up to make you smile
and you don’t notice
you don’t deserve her touch

how do I say
Prince Charming is somewhere
inside a man
trying to grow up

Catch Rafael’s poetry interviews on theWorld Wide Word Radio Network. Tonight, March 18, Listen to Rafael’s past radio show with Margaret Randall and catch some current and upcoming poetry shows. Also, forthcoming, the World Wide Word Radio Network’s 4-year anniversary reading, hosted by Rafael Alvarado and S.A. Griffin, a free event at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd, at 4pm, Saturday, April 9. Margaret Randal reads at Beyond Baroque with V. B. Price. 

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