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New Moons and Final Chapters

It’s been close to two weeks or ten writing days and I’m just a smidgen (a midget smudge) closer to writing the final chapter of my second manuscript-in first draft. I don’t know if I’m procrastinating or not, but I’m trying to decipher why I’m creeping to the finish line. Does everyone have that problem?

I reviewed my first and current (Chapter 39) chapter several times, my thought was maybe something would jump out at me and ‘take me home,’ to the finish line. Didn’t happen, I did revisions instead. I queried “how to write final chapters” and hundreds of articles sprang forth en masse. Too many to read so I promised myself to read five. And then I thought back to a few tips I learned in writing groups: using a character chart, sketching, and writing alternate ending scenes: Protagonist will  xxxx (fill in the blank). Completing those exercises took hours. So now I’m tired, not any closer to a final chapter and I feel my wrists scream “enough already.”

Perhaps the new moon is the culprit. One of my hermanas in writing attended a new moon ceremony tonight; she invited us to attend but I didn’t make the time. I read that it is advantageous to set intentions for things you’d like to create, cultivate or manifest during the new moon. I should have jumped on the offer. But not all is lost, I can light some candles and sit outside on my patio, under the muse of the new moon. I know that there is power in intention.

If I wake up tomorrow and the final chapter still hides, I just might burn white sage around my computer monitor, because I’m going to get to the finish line.

2 thoughts on “New Moons and Final Chapters”

  1. Keep on writing. You're almost there, and in the end, it'll be all worth it. I know, it can be frustrating and an extreme pain-in-the-ass sometimes (at least for me) to write, and write, and write. Revisions can be stressful, because I'd imagine every good writer wants their work to be perfect. Look at me. I've been revising this short story of mine for two months now. And there have been times when I wanted to throw my computer at the wall. But I'm not going to give up.


  2. I didn't have to burn sage around my laptop, since I kept my butt in the chair and typed til I was too tired then did it again the next day. I finished on May 7th, now the revisions…Thanks for your comment.


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