Nathan Bransford is a YA author  and hosts a really interesting blog. I’m sorry to see that he’s leaving Blogger for Tumblr.This is the fourth person I follow (in the writing world) who has left.  Anyway, each week he does a blog-o-rama or roundup of interesting articles. Here’s a few of my favorites from his blog and others this week. 

In writing advice news, Brian Wood has an interesting interview on writing humor, agent Rachelle Gardner reminds everyone that we have to write for our own times rather than bemoaning that publishers don’t publish books like X classic, writing at Wicked & Tricksy, Sommer Leigh writes about the Courage of Writers, and Shrinking Violet Promotions talks about writers finding their voices, not just on the page but in life.

You may have gotten a rejection letter this week, but chances are it wasn’t as mean as this one. It is mean.

Here’s a link to a guest posting at Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog, picture book author Lindsey Lane talks about the digital transformation of a picture book over to an app.

Cory Doctorow has been a prominent freevangelist and digital innovator for some time, so after he self-published a short story collection I was mildly surprised to see this great post defending publishers and reaching an inescapable conclusion: Self-publishing is hard. (via Victoria Strauss)

Writing for The Millions, Kim Wright takes a look at a really significant trend in the world of literature: Literary writers moving to genre fiction.

And here’s another favorite, The Unknown Mami, on “Dear Hollywood.” Unknown Mami is too cool. Her topic today relates to my last topic “No Utopia.” Really now, we need more Latinos in film and more multicultural characters in movies and books. 

And that last remark brings up another interesting and well written blog “Liternaista” by Valerie Russo. Her blog is “a place for multicultural dialogue about Latinos, books, technology and more.”  She’ll have a blogger/author pairing (I’ll bring my own vino) on Sept. 19th with author Justin Torres.(His publisher site lists the book at $18, but amazon.com is listing for almost half price. Now I can’t be in NYC, but I will mark the date to return to her blog and hear what he has to say about writing. 

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