Christmas cards, e-cards

Christmas Card clock

Is it too late to send out Christmas cards? The real paper ones, not the e-cards. Every year around this time I ask myself the same question. Of course, like most, I have good intentions and a stack of card boxes waiting for their eventual release. I love e-cards, which are ‘green,’ but I don’t want to disappoint those who love real cards (like my mother).

It seems that I think about writing out the cards around November 28th, forget about it, remember again December 2nd, push it away, and then the thought resurrects around the 8th when I finally look for the dang cards. After I find them I put them on top of my printer or by my laptop so I won’t forget but you can probably guess what happens. Yes, I move the box several times in one day and end up putting it in my desk drawer.

On the 12th, today, I opened my mailbox and I had three cards. They aren’t the early birds (that was my financial planner and dentist on December 1st) but these nice people planned far enough in advance to write out their cards last week, stamp them and actually send then out. They don’t have kids at home.

This pushes me to actually take the box out of the drawer, select six cards and write them out. I tell myself I  can finish these tonight, after dinner. Hah, you know what happened there. But I did get three completed and I’ll send them off in the morning. I have plenty of time to send one to my mother, she left for Paris yesterday and won’t be home for ten days. Lucky.

And to everyone else I’m sending e-cards. The clock is ticking and I have to go.


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