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A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

A Vegan Thanksgiving
A Vegan Thanksgiving

I am not a Vegan or a Vegetarian. But I’m at my kid’s apartment preparing for the Thanksgiving meal. My son is Vegan and that’s fine because for one day I can be vegan too.

Before my trip to Denver airport I slipped in a frozen container enclosed in a freezer bag into my checked luggage. It’s a vegan ‘turkey’ roll with dressing and gravy. I tried it at Trader Joe’s and it tasted so good, I had to taste it twice.

There are no TJ’s in Colorado thus the ‘turkey’ in the suitcase. I noticed an ice spot growing bigger on the side of the suitcase when the clerk tagged the bag. I prayed my ‘turkey’ wouldn’t be confiscated.

And it was difficult to find the other items for our Vegan Thanksgiving in Colorado. The main course made it through TSA but I couldn’t find fresh cranberry relish so have to make my own. There’s a cool recipe with red wine that I’ll try.

My daughter is making the pumpkin pies. I was sure I could find non-dairy pie crusts so I wouldn’t have to make them from scratch, but I couldn’t. We settled for graham cracker crusts.

And did you know there’s no wine at Whole Foods, Walmart, or Walgreen’s here?! Blew my mind. Clerks said I must be from California. We had to go out of town to find a nice Merlot at a big liquor store.

Now that all that’s done I’m just glad to be here, on a beautiful sunny crisp day in Colorado. Snow capped mountains, bare tree limbs, and Robin’s Egg blue skin surround us. The smell of pine and fireplace smoke fills the air.

This is the first year, in my entire life, that I am not with my mother and at least one sibling for Thanksgiving. This is the year all of us decided to spend time with our children who are in different parts of California and my own in Colorado.

My mom did not like our decision but we did what we felt was right for us. She made peace with it because in the end we are family. But she still can’t believe that I’m having a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope you have a peaceful day with lots of delicious food. Hug your family and friends.







2 thoughts on “A Very Vegan Thanksgiving”

  1. Enjoy your time with your kids, Alvarado. Thanks for the “turkey roll” tip! I’m going to find one of these next year.


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