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A Prayer for Women

Art, story, poetry inspires and encourages me.

They often take me to a better place.For one minute, or ten, the piece can take me just far enough from my daily routine to make me feel more alive, more present, or more able to breathe.

This is one of the reasons why I surround myself with art, books, and music. They are touchstones to places I want to remember or visit, either externally or internally.

Dance is a form of art and there is poetry in dance. This video, “Return To The Temple,” incorporates both and takes me to a place of beauty every time I watch.

I hope you feel this prayer and that it revives you, wherever you may be. 

Look for your touchstones today. 

6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Women”

  1. Beautiful gift you have sent, Mona. Yes, art, poetry, story, indeed touch me like nothing else. Kiss my soul. That is why I pay for memberships at museums, gardens: places of art, beauty. Quiet moments of reflection help me live a quality life. The Dance with fire hypnotized me.


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