What’s On Your Banned Book List?

The Color Purple-Banned Book,
The Color Purple-Banned Book,

How many banned books did you read last year?

A search on the American Library Association (ALA) turned up several lists.

I found out I read eight of the top10 list for 2013.

The books I didn’t read were 50 Shades and Captain Underpants-the chone wearing superhero, really?

All three of my kids loved Captain Underpants.

Like the ALA and others who are highlighting #BannedBooksWeek, I support the freedom to express ideas through literature, and the freedom to choose what a person wants to read.

What I really like is David Pikey’s video on how to express concern about a book without censorship:

Now get thee to your community library and check out a banned book.

Or not, because I also support your right not to do so.


1 thought on “What’s On Your Banned Book List?”

  1. Very proud to have read almost every banned book on the list, three years in a row. Many are among the best books ever written for young people. Thank you, Mona, for reminding us of their important place in our lives and in our kids’ lives.


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