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Five Reasons to do a Year End Review

"Out with the old, in with the new." I don't like that saying for several reasons, mainly because many old things have value. But, there is also truth to the phrase. Making room for the new is worthwhile. A year end review (let's give this an acronym: YER) is all about looking back. Not to… Continue reading Five Reasons to do a Year End Review

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Travels with Mom

  I arrived back to Oxnard, California from Denver yesterday evening from a visit with my daughter. Rain fell the night before, puddling the deck with water. My mother and I stood outside in the cool morning breeze to smell rain and touch the droplets pooled on the banister. California is in a drought and… Continue reading Travels with Mom

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Five Things I Learned When I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

I've moved from my two-year residence at Blogspot. The place was a good starter home, and it used to be very nice, but the neighborhood got a little run down. The 'help' section on Blogspot was no help.¬†After losing my photos, my comment box disappearing/reappearing, and the insidious push to connect to Google+ , which… Continue reading Five Things I Learned When I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

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Knowledge and Crazy Blog Title’s

Have you ever noticed a crazy blog title and 'assumed' the blogger would be heavy on the cutsie and light on content? Well you know what they say about the word 'assume.' If you don't, ask any twelve year old. During today's foray into blogs I stopped by "The Mystical Gnome's Guide to Improve Your… Continue reading Knowledge and Crazy Blog Title’s