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Love Mysteries in Connelles, France

Les Duex Amantes de Connelles/The Two Lovers of ConnellesTwo Lovers of Connelles-www.alvaradofrazier.comThere are as many variations of the legend of the Two Lovers of Connelles as there are villagers. The main story remains the same. Two young lovers involved in a forbidden love affair are forever eulogized in this sculpture and in the Chalk Mountains of… Continue reading Love Mysteries in Connelles, France

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An Empty Bowl in France

French pastries, breakfast-alvaradofrazier.comThere is such a thing as too much pain du chocolate, pain ou raisins and baguettes. We buy our staples, basically starches, water and wine at the reception area. Pastries can be ordered each evening for a morning delivery to the lobby. Guests take a morning walk from the small duplexes to pick up… Continue reading An Empty Bowl in France

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Writers in Connelles, Normandy, France Day 1

Amada Cafe St. Lazare, ParisIt took a plane, bus, train, and taxi but we made it to Connelles, Upper Normandy, France 18 hours after departing LAX. Our first stop, Cafe St. Lazare, with mon ami Amada. the pit Paris, Fr. The bathrooms in old buildings require strong thighs and an overwhelming urgency to go.I decided to wait… Continue reading Writers in Connelles, Normandy, France Day 1