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A Surfer’s Haiku

The title's a bit misleading. I'm neither a surfer nor did a surfer create this poem. I am fortunate to live close to several beaches in Southern California. Most coastal Californian's can tell you that the weather at the beach, especially in the last decade, is unpredictable. Today, on a January afternoon, the temperature rose to… Continue reading A Surfer’s Haiku

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What are Your Yes’s and No’s for 2020?

  Re-reading my 2018 journal entry, I see that I wrote: "I am content." In 2019, I did a lot of stuff, traveled a few places, wrote a whole lot, read 37 books, spent too much time on Netflix, and laughed a lot. I hope to do more of the same in 2020. Another entry… Continue reading What are Your Yes’s and No’s for 2020?

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Two Ways to Fight #Writers Fear

Let's be honest. We writers have several fears about writing. If we haven't published anywhere, we fear to call ourselves a writer. Many times we fear judgment about what we write, so we stall, procrastinate and write on the surface. We fear we don't have an MFA and don't know enough about the writing craft.… Continue reading Two Ways to Fight #Writers Fear


A Week of Turmoil In Southern California

The week of November 7 to the 14th is one few people in the state of California and in Ventura County will ever forget. It's been an unnerving week where our sense of safety has been shaken. Like many, I woke to the news of a mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand… Continue reading A Week of Turmoil In Southern California