“You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day one of honoring his life and legacy by applying his principles to our actions. Although his famously inspiring speech was fifty-six years ago, we still need his words to inspire us to do better. Here are two quotes from MLK, Jr. which resonant with me today. One’s dignity… Continue reading “You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Summer Solstice and Hope

  Twittering birds began their rabble-rousing earlier than usual this summer solstice morning. I enjoy listening to their conversations and energy as I wake. This morning I'm praying for a better day for the thousands of detained immigrant children spending agonizing days and nights without their parents or someone to comfort them in their distress.… Continue reading Summer Solstice and Hope


While Waiting In New York

Do you know what the term "it's in the waiting" means? I first heard the phrase in the song, "Take Courage," but the exact line is "He's in the waiting. The He refers to Christ. The phrase means, to me, there's value during the in-between time. The in-between time is when one needs to have… Continue reading While Waiting In New York

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Feel the Hard Things, Focus and Write

Feel the hard things, focus and write. Sometimes you need a push, a big one, not a nudge. After a week of online writing classes, two (what was I thinking?), I felt drained, ready to throw the pen, shut the laptop down. I needed to get still for a day, shut out the noise on… Continue reading Feel the Hard Things, Focus and Write