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April is Poetry Month

These three beautiful haikus are offered in honor of Poetry Month and comes from Floricanto, La Bloga. I remember having a book called Flor Y Canto in college, I believe it was poetry from Alurista. Perhaps I should go and look for that book, next time, next week. Or maybe one of Sandra Cisneros poems, like one of my favorites, “You bring out the Mexican in Me.” 
Okay, enjoy these…

Three Haikus: “The Price of Freedom,” “Senseless Census,” and “Triangle” by Maritza Rivera
The Price of Freedom
To buy coyotes
and ensure a safe passage
no pesos are spared.

Senseless Census
I counted blossoms
on each tip of the branches
of a dogwood tree.

Sonoran deserts
still kill immigrant women
for crossing borders.