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Freelance Editor Comments-Part II

I hope no one got the idea that I didn't appreciate Freelance Editor's comments on my first manuscript (see post below). They were right on. After I digested the information, I made like Edward Scissorhands and did a number on the first MS, working title "A Butterfly Heart."Then I took off for a fantastic three… Continue reading Freelance Editor Comments-Part II

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10 Ways for Writers to stay Positive

After I finished another complete round of revision on MS#1 yesterday, I had an anticlimactic moment. I was ready to crank up the music and do the happy dance until I looked at the bottom left of my Microsoft word doc. (insert the sound of Ta ta ta tan here).After I did the slash and burn, restricted… Continue reading 10 Ways for Writers to stay Positive

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Painting Pictures

          Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton  ChekhovOne primary commandment stands out in my mind about learning the craft of writing. I heard this over and over again: Show don't Tell. Mr. Chekhov up there on the header gave a great… Continue reading Painting Pictures