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DiverseLit: 10 New Summer Reads 2014

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.–Vera Nazarian   The weekend was beautiful, sunny but not too warm, breezy but just enough to cool the face. It's going to be an awesome summer to go to the beach, backyard, or lay out on the… Continue reading DiverseLit: 10 New Summer Reads 2014

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What Stimulates Your Creativity?

This morning We Wanted to Be Writers newsletter popped up first on my reading list. My eyes landed on a headline highlighting a poetry collection by Clare Martin. For me, few morning rituals are better than a great cup of coffee while perusing a thought provoking poem or article. Ten poems filled the page.  I… Continue reading What Stimulates Your Creativity?

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Three Minute Inspiration

In my Yahoo feed I came across a website called "Give it 100 days: Practice something for 100 days." Three minutes was all it took to inspire me to try something different. Participants chose weight loss, ukulele playing, learning to dance, or sing. I'm sure this "practice something for 100 days," could extend to writing what… Continue reading Three Minute Inspiration

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Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

Around the blogosphere and Facebook, many are paying tribute to the artist, activist, feminist icon and chingona Frida Kahlo. Last year I remembered her anniversary.  Today is her birthday.   https://www.facebook.com/LatinoRebels Over a hundred years after her birth, Frida remains memorable. In addition to her art, much of this has to do with her honesty about emotional… Continue reading Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday