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How to Save Time for Writing

There are few things I like to do other than write or find writing resources to help me become a better writer. Sure I miss watching my favorite television shows, coffee with friends, walking the dog, and watching my kids grow (I'm lying they are all 18-25, they're grown). Sometimes I prefer to write than… Continue reading How to Save Time for Writing

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Friday’s Guisada of Tips

Some days it's all about bundling up, cooking and then vegging out. I vote for that day to be today. It's cold, but not Minnesota cold, not even Oregon cold, but just cool and dreary enough for us spoiled Southern Cal people to whine. It's 57 degrees out.I tried making some leek and potato soup,… Continue reading Friday’s Guisada of Tips

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E-Books and New Authors

For the past couple of days I've been catching up with my dashboard blogs. One of them, Joe Konrath's "Newbie Guide to Publishing," has an ongoing dialogue about publishing your work on e-books versus the 'legacy' big 6 publishers or print publishing. There are several valid points to consider when deciding whether to go e-book… Continue reading E-Books and New Authors

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"Simple Steps to Successful Authorship" workshop-Ojai Wordfest

     Laptop, coffee, pajamas, more coffee....that is some of what it takes for me to sit my butt in the chair and write. So say you are now finished with your manuscript (MS), one, three or ten years later. How do you prepare that MS for publication? Pat Fry of S.P.A.W.N (info below) has… Continue reading "Simple Steps to Successful Authorship" workshop-Ojai Wordfest