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Shopping Daze in Target

I don’t know about you but I hate shopping. I’m a necessity shopper: like food, hygiene, or something broke and I can’t repair it. That’s why I did 80% of my Christmas shopping online. That’s why I shop early in the morning. Crowds irritate me. Costco after 11 a.m. gives me the jitters. I don’t shop on weekends or holidays.

Usually works too, except today. Everyone and their grandma’s were in the grocery stores and Target. I had to get out and buy food for the week because there were no more tamales. Everyone in the family wants to ‘detox’ from all the fatty/sugary foods we ate in the last two week. School begins again tomorrow and one of the kids needed some school supplies. I ran out of folders to organize my writing. I loaded up my Trader Joe’s and other fabric bags and took my coffee with me. 

Today was particularly bad. First, I had to wear my yoga pants because my jeans were too tight. Second, I had to chose a long blouse to hide the stomach chub that grew an inch or two. And then, the stores had more shoppers than I can remember on a January 2nd. Lines were ten people deep on all of the open registers. And at my last stop…

I got the cranky, rude cashier. She wouldn’t put my purchases in my recycled Target bags-although, she pointed out on the cash register tape, “I gave you .15 cents credit for your 3 bags.” That wasn’t the issue. It’s a matter of resources. She sighed and ignored me, then looked to the next customer. I didn’t want to hold up the huge line or unpack the humongous red Christmas Target bag. I did not want to go off in front of my teenage daughter. What would happen is she’d roll her eyes and walk away from me or get into it with the cashier too.  It’s only January 2nd, let’s start the new year right, right?

Cranky cashier pushed Santa’s red plastic bag onto the side counter and pointed me to the recycle bin where my used Target bags could be recycled. My mind kept repeating, “Keep calm, take care of this later with a manager.” Couldn’t find a manager.

The red bag was overstuffed and too heavy to lift into my trunk without my daughter’s assistance. It tore when we got home. Before I did anything else, I called Target and expressed my concern (complained) to a manager. He was perplexed, because “we care for the environment. Did you get your .15 cents?” 

Oh-Kay, let’s leave it at that. No more shopping at that particular Target. I registered a complaint on the phone, online and now I’m letting it go.