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Beyond the B*itch Session: Writing and Motherhood

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Writing and motherhood is something thousands of writer’s experience. I can hear several of you saying , “…been there, done that,” or “doing that,” this minute.

One of the AROHO panel discussions I missed, because there were so many to attend, was “Beyond the B*itch Session: A Candid Conversation About Writing and Motherhood.” Heard it was bitchin’, lol. (Bear with me I need a laugh today).

Although I missed out on this panel, a fella AROHO sister, Tania, posted about the session, including each panel presenter’s topic. Tania Pryputniewicz describes herself as “A poet by night, by day I find great joy in teaching Transformative Blogging and Poetry of Motherhood and Fatherhood.” Here are the posts:

Barbara Rockman, writes a guest post at Tania’s “Mother, Writer, Mentor.” I love when Barbara says, “I wrote our lives. I became motherpoet.” Here’s her post: Mother Writer: Boon of the Parallel Journey,

Mandy Alyss Brown wrote “How dismal a world is it when our peers or mentors shake their heads at swelling wombs and pity the mothers.” Creator: Rejecting theMotherhood vs. Writing Dichotomy.

Nicelle Davis shares poetry to her mother in: No Love is Singular: Confessions of a Poet Daughter.

Believe it or not, my YA kids are bickering and I’m about to throw a chancla (flipflop) at them, so I’ll be brief. Write on.