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Blog Basics or 10 blog tips I learned in 10 weeks

Yes, it has been close to two and a half months since I first started blogging. Since that hesitant beginning I have learned a thing or four from gracious bloggers who love to share their tips.  One of these is Jessie Nuez from Latina Bloggers Connect. (At the bottom of my page you can find their badge and click on it to view several articles). Other tips were learned the hard way, by blogging and by reading other blogs.

Here are some basic’s for those of you who wish to bounce into the blogasphere:

1. Be willing to commit the time and be consistent. Whether you post two or five times a week, provide your readers with consistency.
2. Find your theme, niche, passion and let it drive your blog. Let your readers know the themes you will blog about in the sidebar or “about you” section.
3. Create an interesting title and format for your blog. Use text large enough to read and clear enough to distinguish from your background colors. Have a good text layout and utilize interesting photos and video’s.
4. Submit quality content. Check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Spend a few minutes editing your writing before clicking “post.”
5. Keep it short (most bloggers suggest 500 words or less) and sweet. If your post is a couple of hundred words more than 500 break up the text with photos, indents, or a quote, to keep it easy on the eyes. (This is a good time to remind you to use the copyright symbol after your main title or somewhere near the top of your blog).
6. Use guest posts and links to articles of interests. These can be articles that are relevant to your blog’s theme or current post.
7. Create catchy headlines. Readers want to know what to expect from your post.
8. Establish relationships with other bloggers. Reply to comments or questions left on your bog. Visit and comment on other blogs you read. If you enjoy a post, say so. If you found some valuable advice, let the blogger know.
9. Keep the site uncluttered, organized, and easy to navigate.
10. Have fun with it. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore or you’ll avoid it.

If you have some more tips to share I’d love to hear them. Until then, remember, “We Can Blog It.”

3 thoughts on “Blog Basics or 10 blog tips I learned in 10 weeks”

  1. Thank you so so much Monica. I do have a question for you. Above you wrote that directly under the blog post title one should place the copyright statement. I have been placing mine at the bottom of each post. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks! And welcome back from your gorgeous vacation! I loved the posts you shared during your trip and the photos!
    – Ella


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