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Forgetful Moms

It’s a wet gray day outside and like most of you I have to get into the car and drive one of the kids to school and the other to work before I pick up my car at the dealer and return their loaner. It’s also Monday, grocery day, and the day I make calls to the nail place, doctor, dentist, whomever regarding my three kids or myself. It’s information overload day.

Mondays would be very difficult days if I didn’t have a calender, with alarm, on my iPhone. (Okay, it’s not just Monday’s). In my Notes section is my grocery list.  Appointments have to signal me so I can remember to stop what I’m doing and go do what is necessary. Writing things on a To Do list is not an option-the paper disappears. Rendezvous with the sock in the dryer, I guess.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I suffer from what I used to make fun of my own mother about: Forgetfulness.
Some causes: overload, aging, stress, kids, fill in the blank. Mine is from kids, aging, and a full treatment of chemotherapy six years ago. So I have chemo brain tripled with aging and kids. Hence the alarm on the cell.

When I finally returned home this afternoon, with a new loaner car (don’t ask) I had to take a breather. With a snack of leftovers and some tea, I  took some time to read my emails. Well, don’t you know, the perfect YouTube clip and an email were sent my way and gave me a few laughs.

(Click off the jukebox below so you can hear the singer).
The second email was about brain overload. It’s an article from Huffington Post on brain fitness tips. Enjoy and don’t forget to schedule some kick back time for yourself every day-even if you have to put it in your cell phone and set the alarm.
How do you handle brain overload? What tips can you share that help you remember?

2 thoughts on “Forgetful Moms”

  1. I loved using the note on my iPhone until my toddler discovered them, erased them, and replaced them with her own notes which read like this/:
    dkajf;peofjmsdf dsjfrghriitpamjd

    I had a half written post on there and it just went POOF!


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