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Number 1 Reason to Ditch Your Lipstick…

Ditch my lipstick?! No, not even in the Apocalypse. Hold on to your pretty tubes of glamour, I’m not asking you to ditch all lipstick, but to consider-in the name of health- what you apply to your lips. And this is not only for women-all  kissee’s are also affected. 

The FDA’s new study found lead in 400 lipsticks tested, with higher lead levels than ever reported in some of the most popular brands. 

The worst offender was L’Oreal USA, whose Maybelline Color Sensation and L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks were #1 and #2 on the list.

 L’Oreal USA makes five of the 10 most contaminated brands in the FDA study. 

Lead?! Yes, that lead. The kind we are warned about in paint, lead based ceramics, soil, within imported cans of food and drinking water. Particles of lead can get into your body when you breathe or swallow, and lead dust can get on your food, cigarettes, or other items that you eat, drink, or put in your mouth.

Just last week my sister had a blood test because of some health issues. One of the top items that was over the ‘allowable maximum’ was lead. She’s also worked in corrections, as I have, but additionally she’s a Rangemaster. Every quarter she tests employees for their firearms qualifications. To keep up with her certification she’s at the gun range at least once a month. There, in her blood sample, is evidence of all the lead she’s inhaled over the last few years. 

Not all of us are rangemasters, painters, or working with lead directly. But most women do use products that contain some degree of lead. All of those items contribute to our lead consumption.

Caught by Joy Elizabeth

Lead is a metal that can harm children and adults when it gets into their bodies. It is most harmful to a young child’s growth, behavior, and ability to learn. Absorption of lead into your body is hazardous to your health

Lead is stored in the blood, liver, kidney and bones. Frequent exposure to lead, particularly at high levels, can harm the nervous, digestive and reproductive systems, the brain, kidneys and can interfere with the body’s ability to make blood.

 Symptoms of exposure to high lead levels may include loss of appetite, joint pain, sleep pattern changes, personality changes and sexual dysfunction

Most of us are pretty smart consumers. We try as much as possible to minimize our risk to unhealthy products. That’s why we’re buying more hybrids, using solar, buying organic, filtering our water and air. 

Here’s an award winning video that speaks to unsafe cosmetics:

But back to lipsticks. The FDA results ranged from the lead detection limit of 0.026 ppm to the highest value of 7.19 ppm. One of my brand favorites is L’Oreal Red. Red, garnets, and ruby colors look so good on Latinas and I thought I found the one I’d stick to for awhile.

Wrong. I’ve ditched that brand-it was one of the 7.19 ppm lead.  Until I find another fabulous red I’m sticking to my Clinique Black Honey (at <0.026). 

So ditch the leaded lipstick and find another. A 2011 FDA table with the tested 400 lipsticks can be found here.

Other great sites to check out whether a cosmetic item is safe: Skin Deep and Safe Cosmetics. 

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