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Spring Renewal

Three days ago the sun shone brightly enough to push me outside and set myself to weeding, mulching, and pinching my potted geraniums. 

I wanted to plant the freesia that is getting too big for its britches, but I couldn’t bear to move it from my patio table to a place where I wouldn’t be able to see it from my bedroom window.

Today the gray and gloom of impending rain waits outside my patio door.That’s typical Southern California coastal weather for you. 
That’s spring here in my hometown.

This had me thinking of the winter months, renewal, the new season, new beginnings and the possibilities that await. 

From the pinned postcards, papers, calendars, and inspirational quotes littering my bulletin board, I unpinned the 8×11 sky blue Roadmap to My Dreams that I filled out in January. 

I had answered all of the questions under the “Where My Heart is” and “The Real Me”: 

Love is the strongest power on Earth. I will show and share love by…
What makes me happy…
My dreams… 
My talent and Skills…
and Friends to call on when the road gets bumpy…

Hmm, I’ve managed to remember the answers to these 75% of the time and take the appropriate action to get to these goals. That’s progress. 

But I noticed I procrastinated on two questions. Well, procrastinated isn’t the right word. I didn’t even fill in the blanks. 

The blank spaces await my response. Both questions are in the “Bravery” department:

Bravery is a matter of belief, and I believe I can…

Something new I will do…

These are areas to ponder on as the new season begins. 

What will I be brave about, how can I be brave, what fear can I let go of, how will I feel when I attempt bravery. 

Lots of questions and the chance for lots of new beginnings.

What do you think?

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