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Stardust and Healing – Poem

  Stardust   In my dreams, I traveled to the stars through the black darkness, to the heavens of the infinite,   gathering stardust in outstretched arms, bits of  future self, which flowed over my heart.   Glowing embers surrounded a dying organ, encouraging, nurturing, restoring love.   Warmth growing, healing the self bringing me back to… Continue reading Stardust and Healing – Poem

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Poetry on Wednesdays-Political Poetry

Remember high school English classes? That was my first introduction to poetry. Old poets. Lot's of 'thee's and thou's," and too much Old English stuff. I was a studious person, more logical than emotional, so many poems went over my head. That was until I went to college, in the mid '70's. It was an eyeopener when… Continue reading Poetry on Wednesdays-Political Poetry