“You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day one of honoring his life and legacy by applying his principles to our actions. Although his famously inspiring speech was fifty-six years ago, we still need his words to inspire us to do better. Here are two quotes from MLK, Jr. which resonant with me today. One’s dignity… Continue reading “You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Ortega Adobe – A House of Dreams

A couple of months ago I wrote about Ekphrasic Poetry. There is also such a thing as creating a story from a photograph, or Ekphrasic Prose. This story is based on a painting housed in our county library. The Ortega Adobe is a California landmark that still stands 160 years after it was built.  … Continue reading The Ortega Adobe – A House of Dreams


How Dalí Helps Me Create

Yesterday I searched for a gift for my son whose birthday is coming up. He's an artist who favors surrealists and abstract expressionism. I came upon some Salvador Dalí paintings which made me remember a trip to London with my son where we visited "Dalí Universe." I read that much of his artwork came to… Continue reading How Dalí Helps Me Create

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Obituary and Passion

You know, the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?” - Serendipity, the movie   Whether the Greeks wrote or didn't write obituaries isn't as important as the question. Passion is a zeal, a fervor, a barely controllable emotion towards a subject or person. Do… Continue reading Obituary and Passion