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The Ortega Adobe – A House of Dreams

A couple of months ago I wrote about Ekphrasic Poetry. There is also such a thing as creating a story from a photograph, or Ekphrasic Prose. This story is based on a painting housed in our county library. The Ortega Adobe is a California landmark that still stands 160 years after it was built.  … Continue reading The Ortega Adobe – A House of Dreams

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What the Heck is Ekphrastic #Poetry?

    In the spirit of poetry month, I thought I'd make a poem for this week's post. Last year, I celebrated the month with the post Late To The Poetry Party, offering a poem and several links to other poets (who actually submit poems and win honors). Have you ever heard a term that sounded… Continue reading What the Heck is Ekphrastic #Poetry?

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Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

  For Women's History Month, the National Museum of Women in the Arts thought of a great way to get people thinking about women artists. Their Twitter campaign is Can You Name #5Women Artists. Check out their twitter feed. What may be more difficult than naming five women artists is to name #5Latina Artists, #5AfricanAmerican… Continue reading Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

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34 Unique Ways to Brainstorm and Get Creative

  What does a beer, a shower and playing Pictionary have in common? And you can do all three alone or in a group? Well two of them at least and a third as a couple. Okay, enough riddles. The three subjects above are suggestions to help you generate creative ideas. Really? See if you… Continue reading 34 Unique Ways to Brainstorm and Get Creative