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The A to Z Challenge: Y and Z

Last day of the A to Z Challenge: Today is Y and Z: YAY! That's a Y but we're concentrating on Spanish words for this challenge. Y is for "Ya" which means Enough, or Already, or "Enough already." When a Spanish speaking parent didn't want to hear their kids continuing to ask/beg/argue for something, they'd… Continue reading The A to Z Challenge: Y and Z

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Do You Know How to Use a Curandera?

Do you know how to naturally heal fright or trauma? No? More about susto later. During the last two years, I've worked on a story about an ambitious twenty-one-year-old with a ten-year plan to become a State Senator who drops out of college because of a broken engagement. She meets a grandmother and granddaughter who are curanderas. Although… Continue reading Do You Know How to Use a Curandera?

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What the Heck is Ekphrastic #Poetry?

    In the spirit of poetry month, I thought I'd make a poem for this week's post. Last year, I celebrated the month with the post Late To The Poetry Party, offering a poem and several links to other poets (who actually submit poems and win honors). Have you ever heard a term that sounded… Continue reading What the Heck is Ekphrastic #Poetry?

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A 1932 Christmas

As we get older, we tend to appreciate things we took for granted, like stories from grandparents about their life and the childhood of our parents. Family stories may be boring when we're kids or when they're repeated often, as can be the case when our parents enter their 80's, but grandparents and parents who… Continue reading A 1932 Christmas