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Poetry on Wednesdays-Political Poetry

Remember high school English classes? That was my first introduction to poetry. Old poets. Lot's of 'thee's and thou's," and too much Old English stuff. I was a studious person, more logical than emotional, so many poems went over my head. That was until I went to college, in the mid '70's. It was an eyeopener when… Continue reading Poetry on Wednesdays-Political Poetry

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Writers Tell All

gettyimages.comJennifer Chow made me do it. Her chirpy words of "fun challenge" has me participating in my first ever Blog Hop called "Writers Tell All." A writer often works in isolation, for long periods of time, before any finished work is produced. It's rare to have the opportunity to share thoughts with other bloggers/writers, so when Jennifer… Continue reading Writers Tell All

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Weird Writer’s and Other Artists

I think writer's, poets, artists have built in weirdness-mostly good weirdness. That's why I found Jacob Nordby's drawing and quote so inspirational. He says we're blessed, we see the world through different eyes. His statement makes weirdness a good thing. It's validating and something to embrace. I occasionally hear "You writers are weird." This statement uttered by one of my… Continue reading Weird Writer’s and Other Artists

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‘A Woman Should Have’ and Maya Angelou

Sometimes you land on the best things when you least expect it. It was 'clean out the email folders' today and I found this "A Women Should" poem in my folder marked "Inspirational." Seems I forgot that I had such a folder, since the last entry was in 2009. There had to be inspirational quotes… Continue reading ‘A Woman Should Have’ and Maya Angelou