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Red Umbrellas and June Gloom

Yesterday I felt down in the valley, you know, my head droopy, thoughts scattered, and a bit of woe is me. 

It’s a combination of a week of witnessing my mother’s advancing confusion, close friends who have serious illnesses, misunderstandings in personal relationships, and rejection letters. 

I woke up to rain. Usually I love the rain. But today it had me feeling morose. Over here in Southern California, smack between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara coast, my county has seemingly unending days of June gloom. And it’s only June 9th, I know.  

Chances are we’ll trip and fall if we keep our head down. So it was fortuitous that this little girl, with her gorgeous red polka dot umbrella, came into view.

The red umbrella made me smile, gave me a little hope, I felt so much better. 

This is not my destination, only a bump in the road, inviting me to pause a while, think, give gratitude, understand that when I’m weak I can be strong. 

We all feel this way sometimes. It’s a cycle, the ups, downs, and in between. Those valleys, plains, and mountains. Part of life. 

We can also look at this part of our life differently, see the circumstances in another light. 

We can ride that cycle. Enjoy the multitudes of gray (I refrained from using 50 SOG-you’re welcome) knowing that another day will break, things will get better, and that red umbrellas are there for us to brighten up the gloom.


2 thoughts on “Red Umbrellas and June Gloom”

  1. I love the red umbrella. It seems so powerful, strong, determined. Like it can really overcome the rain, shelter us from the gloom, help us get to the next place.

    I hope your June has improved. Thanks for participating in the “Rain” creative prompt on Wordsmith Studio.


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