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The Power of a Sunset

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”

  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Five months have passed since my two kids moved to Colorado from California. One to a university to get his degree in art and animation and the other for “a change.” I miss them- a lot.

We keep in touch with FaceTime, text, and phone calls but what I really like are when one of them shares their world with me in a photograph. I feel closer to them.

Something about a moment in time that is captured with the photograph then sent to me, so I can see the object too, makes me feel like we are sharing this one moment together.

The power in this simple act amazes me. The gesture swells my heart.

My mind went to a line in an Emerson poet which I texted to my son. We discussed the new year, new challenges and hopes. 

Across the miles we had meaningful discussion, all because of one sunset that he captured.

Colorado Sunset-by Nicolas Frazier
Denver, Colorado Sunset-by Nicolas Frazier

7 thoughts on “The Power of a Sunset”

  1. Man, that sunset is beautiful. I too know the feeling of receiving a photo from my child in another city. It feels different than a message without a photo…just as you stated.


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