My Five Reasons to Celebrate


Fraser, CO taken by Thomas Northcut, Gettyimages

Fraser, CO taken by Thomas Northcut, Gettyimages

Spring has sprung and flung the blanket of gloom from my shoulders. I’m excited!


If you’ve followed my posts, you know that I’ve been in the valley with some serious family problems, relationship issues, and missing my two YA kids who live in Colorado. I was in sad poetry mode.

The great news is that my brother came out of the hospital, on his own two feet, after three weeks. He needs almost around the clock care, but that’s okay, the family is there for him and he gets a little better every day.

I just returned from visiting my YA’s and they are getting along like a grouchy married couple, much to my son’s chagrin. I had to do some counseling with the both kids.

The recurring snow, distance from family, jobs and college is getting to them-they are banking on a vibrant spring to ease their frustration.

My relationship issue is now a moot point-it ended. I’m doing my best to let this go.

We all go through tough times. It’s a given in life.

Through this past episode I tried to remember to be grateful. After listening to meditation music on Pandora, to help me sleep, I’d list five things I was grateful for that day.

During my first rough week,  a good cup of coffee was the best thing on the grateful list.

On the third week I had a very pleasant surprise. 

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award


My Young Adult novel made it to the second round of the Amazon contest. Out of 10,000 entries, two thousand were selected for second round.

Yes, I did the silly big grin for a few minutes while my mind said, “WHOOP-WHOOP!”

On April 14, 2014, the Third Round announces the top 500 entries selected for the Quarterfinals.

There is much to look forward to in April, besides the third round of Amazon’s contest. I’ll travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow and then on to Taos and Santa Fe, N.M.

Spring is blossoming, health is restored, there will be new beginnings, maybe opportunities for my novel, and exhilarating places to visit.

I’m excited !



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12 replies

  1. Exciting! Hoping to hear more good news from you in the future weeks!


  2. Good to see you in high spirits. The five reasons are great! I cross my fingers for the novel, of course.


  3. Congratulations, Mona. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family.


  4. So glad you are feeling better. Fingers crossed for your novel, of course.


  5. Cheers to new beginnings and a wonderful 2014, Mona! Congratulations to making the rounds of the Breakthrough Novel award. I am rooting for you!!!


  6. Many thanks, Andrea and Sabra! You envelop me in your kindness.


  7. So heartening to hear this upbeat post. LOVE the picture. Really really happy to hear the positive turns of events. It can only go up from here. And selfishly – since it’s going back to minus-5 here – glad to be reminded that spring really will come, one way or another. Be well


  8. Abrazos and positive thoughts being sent your way and a big WHOOP for your novel.


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