Want to be a published author? Take a business course or two first…

As the author of this post illustrates from his experiences, publishing is not the end game.

There are numerous marketing tips and tipsters sharing and selling their knowledge. Although I’m not at that step in the process, yet, I’ve read that one should start the marketing aspect of writing at least twelve to six months prior to publishing.

I’d like to add a few resources to this reblogged post so writers can seek these people out and decide if the advice they find is right for them and their writing.

Write to Done: 10 Ways to Promote Your Book.
David Gaughran: Using Categories to Drive Book Sales.
Jane Friedman: Book Marketing 101.
Tim Grahl: 11 Best Book Marketing Books.
Joanna Penn: Marketing Your Book.
Yes, there are probably a thousand more people giving advice, but I’ve read the blogs of these authors and believe they give solid advice.

And yes, marketing takes up more time than a writer wants to give because writing is fun, and marketing is not so fun.

I’m all for sharing resources, so if you have another marketing article to share, please post it with your comment.

Now, on to the post:

It seems that, for a lot of new writers, becoming published is the end game. I remember when I was still lost in the dream that publishing a book will mean that I am an official “author” and that perhaps I could make a living off of my writing. My novel, Butterfly Warrior, was published in 2006. I’ve published two (2) other books since then. And I’m still doing other things to fund my hopeless addiction to writing.

To all aspiring writers thinking that publishing is their goal: Take a business course, or two, or three. To be honest, I wish I had learned that selling books (for me anyway) is a helluva lot harder than writing them. I mean, I’ve written and published three (3) books, but I make more money finding change on the floor than I do from my writing. Really. At my favorite supermarket the other…

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