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Why Do You Write?

This quote resonates with me.

Quote on Writing-Audre Lorde. www.alvaradofrazier.com
Quote on Writing-Audre Lorde. http://www.alvaradofrazier.com

In my blog bio, I say something similar about the type of fiction I write for young adults and adults.

In my youth, violence, gangs, and drugs surrounded my neighborhood. During my adult career in juvenile justice and corrections, the same issues were part of my daily life, but I was on the other side.

When you live with violence, poverty, racism, fear, or trauma you can develop some coping mechanisms like acting out, repression and denial.

For many women, one of the coping strategies is silence. But when we stuff our thoughts, push the words down, stifle our voice in fear, we sometimes think we’re okay.

But we’re not.

Our feelings go somewhere deep into our muscles, into our blood, and into our soul, where we bury the pain under a facade of everything is fine, “don’t you see the smile on my face?”

That’s why I write. I tired of stuffing thoughts and reactions down into the corners of myself.

I tired of seeing others do the same thing, over and over again until their throat got so thick with unsaid words they would get sick, or develop masks, or self-medicate.

Write down your words, somewhere, anywhere. Let your pen flow with the unsaid things in your heart. Write through the fear, the terror, the uncomfortableness of the pain until you can’t breathe anymore, or the tears come and then write some more.

You will get to the other side.

That’s why I write.

Why do you write? When you leave a comment, please leave the name of your website so you can share your stories.

Thank you and enter September with an adventurous spirit.

9 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?”

  1. As a kid and teenager I wrote to make sense of the world around me, of my fears, dreams and thoughts. Now it’s still basically the same. Maybe there are two types of writers, at least in the field of children and young adult literature. The ones who write remembering who they were and the ones who write for the kids and teens who are not heard. Great post, Mona.


  2. I have been waiting for someone to ask me this, Mona, since I was sucking my thumb. I wait on street corners waiting for someone to ask me this. Now you have. I will reply as soon as I can. Let me slam down a couple of Death In The Afternoon tragos. Wait right here in front of your monitor, Mona.


  3. I love this post – women are so often encouraged into silence. As a child I was taught that children were ‘seen and not heard’. I think I started to write because I felt alone and like an outsider, but I also write because I have to – it’s a compulsion.


  4. Okay. I’m seven months late, but I just met you 🙂 I write because I was voiceless for so long that I feel I owe it to myself to use my gifts and talents, finally. I write because sometimes I used my voice and wit but for all the wrong reasons, and now I owe it to myself to use my gifts and talents for good. Thanks for the follow and glad to meet you: https://kwoted.wordpress.com Great post and great quote – think I’ll start Women’s History month with this one.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and telling us why you write. Voiceless no more, your gift will enrich many readers. I’m honored you’ll begin Women’s History Month with the quote. Here’s another great one from Audre Lorde:
      “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

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