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A Writer’s Life

So, that's me up there in the center circle! For years, I've written flash fiction, short stories and novels. Sometimes they are published and most times they are not. But, I celebrate the wins along the writing way. I'm a finalist for SheWrites Press and SparkPress fourth annual contest. There will be two winners: One… Continue reading A Writer’s Life


How an Instagram Challenge Improved My Writing Life

The battle proved long but victorious. She Writes Press came up with a challenge for writers at the end of April and I thought, 'why not.' This seemed to be an easy way to post on social media and see what other people experienced in their writing life. Scanning my feed on Instagram is quick… Continue reading How an Instagram Challenge Improved My Writing Life

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Why Do You Write?

This quote resonates with me. In my blog bio, I say something similar about the type of fiction I write for young adults and adults. In my youth, violence, gangs, and drugs surrounded my neighborhood. During my adult career in juvenile justice and corrections, the same issues were part of my daily life, but I… Continue reading Why Do You Write?

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Why I Write

  I cannot NOT write. I write to tell stories about people and issues that matter,  to me, with experiences which may be different than your own, or the same. I write about the ugly & the beautiful the abandoned & abused the loved & unloved the saved & the unsaved. I write because I'm… Continue reading Why I Write