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A Writer’s Life

So, that's me up there in the center circle! For years, I've written flash fiction, short stories and novels. Sometimes they are published and most times they are not. But, I celebrate the wins along the writing way. I'm a finalist for SheWrites Press and SparkPress fourth annual contest. There will be two winners: One… Continue reading A Writer’s Life

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How To Unleash the Power of Setting In Your Writing

I’m all about trying to improve my writing skills. The stacks of books, both virtual and physical, take up more than one shelf of my bookcase and four bookshelves in Kindle Fire. So, it is with great expectation that the new Urban and Rural Settings Thesaurus (I wonder if it’s ‘thesauri’) are now available. As… Continue reading How To Unleash the Power of Setting In Your Writing

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34 Unique Ways to Brainstorm and Get Creative

  What does a beer, a shower and playing Pictionary have in common? And you can do all three alone or in a group? Well two of them at least and a third as a couple. Okay, enough riddles. The three subjects above are suggestions to help you generate creative ideas. Really? See if you… Continue reading 34 Unique Ways to Brainstorm and Get Creative

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Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 1

  Part of my life between the sheets, of paper, is writing novels. Since I don't have a MFA in Creative Writing, I often seek out free or low cost classes for improving my writing skill. Some of the best and inexpensive classes can be found through writers associations like Society of Children's Books Writers… Continue reading Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 1