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Sunday Share: Photos, Poetry, Prose

The week began with a text that barely made a sound, but I knew it was from my son. He was on a train from the east coast to the west coast. It’s a long story to explain why he prefers a train to a flight, so I won’t.

My children are young adults, but they’re always my kids, with every concern and hope for their safety. So when my cell vibrated, I grabbed it.

Clicking on the text opened up a gorgeous photo of the sunrise. The cotton candy clouds swirled over silhouetted mountains captured the moment’s symbolism. My son was entering California. He was coming home.

The image filled me with gratitude and peace.

Later in the day, I glanced at the books stacked behind my computer. American Sunrise by Joy Harjo met my eyes. The title, the colors, and the photo of people, who I interpreted as family, greeted me.

I flipped through the pages to one of my favorite poems by Rainy Dawn Ortiz- even her name refers to a sunrise.

Directions to You


The sunrise,


Morning heat on our face even on the coldest morning.

The sun creates life,



Gather strength, pull it in

Be right where you are.

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