Sunday Share: Storytelling Week

Hopi Storyteller

My newsletter went out yesterday, so I usually do not write a post on the last Sunday of the month, but there are always exceptions.

National Storyteller Week begins today and until February 5, 2023. It’s an annual event to encourage people about the power of sharing stories and to promote storytelling.

I shared stories in my newsletter and encourage you to share stories on your posts this week or tell your children, grandchildren, or friends stories about yourself or your ancestors.

In the last two newsletters, I’ve held randomized drawings and given away two advance reader’s copies (ARCs) of The Garden of Second Chances, debuting June 6, 2023.

Here’s a poem about guess what? Storytelling:

The Storyteller Gets Her Name

My dad used to call me Eagle Eyes. I was the one to find eagles, owls, blue jays
on a dark day. He called me so until my brother was born infant and grew to boy.

Having heard my name, as younger siblings often do,
he wanted to be called Eagle Eyes too. He studied the birds’ flight, kept his

eyes to the skies for hours, and soon he knew their long names
and could correct me. Except, at sixteen, I never liked to be corrected.

But my brother showed me the work, and I had to learn to give.
Give him all I could as my elders did for me.

So I tugged on my heart to let go, as I knew he had earned Eagle Eyes
more than I ever could. And what I found instead was new room, for a new name.

I am Siwa’köl, storyteller.

And my brother, he is Eagle Eyes.

I tell his tales and mine so someday when we join the elders,
my stories may be told and his birds can take to the sky.

But for now, I will share with you my story so that you can know who you are—
and maybe you are Siwa’köl too.
By Ari Tison, Storyteller.

Do you share your ancestral stories? Link to one in the comments and share.

Thanks for reading. Be well, and have a good week.

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