CoVID19 and War Stories

  This is day eleven of my self imposed "Stay at Home," routine and day five of the California Governor's decree. How are you all doing? Amid the humorous and not so funny memes and photos, I came across the above message, which gave me pause to reflect. My mother is in her 90's. Practicing… Continue reading CoVID19 and War Stories

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A 1932 Christmas

As we get older, we tend to appreciate things we took for granted, like stories from grandparents about their life and the childhood of our parents. Family stories may be boring when we're kids or when they're repeated often, as can be the case when our parents enter their 80's, but grandparents and parents who… Continue reading A 1932 Christmas

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Why I Write

  I cannot NOT write. I write to tell stories about people and issues that matter,  to me, with experiences which may be different than your own, or the same. I write about the ugly & the beautiful the abandoned & abused the loved & unloved the saved & the unsaved. I write because I'm… Continue reading Why I Write

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Continue #WeNeedDiverseBooks Campaign

  Cute photo for a serious matter. After BookCon, a major NY event for readers, listed their author’s lineup: 31 white males with one cat (Grumpy Cat), an article "Readers Deserve Better Than BookCon,"  made the headlines.  The article inspired a grassroots effort, #WeNeedDiverseBooks (#WNDB), to call attention to the continuing lack of diversity in children’s… Continue reading Continue #WeNeedDiverseBooks Campaign