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NaNoWriMo: Story Structure

mmmmound.blogspot.comTo avoid a twelve car pile up, I am approaching my NNWM project with a semblance of organization.  Before I organize I need to review the fundamentals, stored away in a big purse somewhere, and see if I have most of the things I need to get my NNWM party started.Okay, so in the giant… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Story Structure

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Bargain hunting for the writer who’s just starting out

"Just write," is not the only advice a writer needs. In the two years I've been writing I think I've spent many pretty pennies on writing books, a couple of one day conferences, and a boot camp for writers.Before I purchase any books I do the 'look inside,' preview of writing books listed on… Continue reading Bargain hunting for the writer who’s just starting out

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Some Books on the Craft of Writing

     On one of my early writer's groups retreats, our group leader brought in the book "On Writing," by Stephen King. I'm a horror wuss so I don't read or watch horror material, the lasting effect of seeing "The Exorcist,"  when I was a teenager. My horror prejudice worked against me, I had never… Continue reading Some Books on the Craft of Writing