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Writing to Feel Better

Heidi Durrow-AuthorBoy did I have a great weekend. It started with  four 'nominations' of the Liebster Blog Award. That's an interesting award, and I'll explain that soon.Next was the Santa Barbara Women's Literary Festival where I was enthralled with the stories told by amazing writers. I was also lucky enough to take some photos with… Continue reading Writing to Feel Better

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The Big Deal by Lucy Rodriguez-Hanley, Imagen Award Nominee

Michele Serros fans mark your calendars. A short story from her book “How to Be a Chicana Role Model” debuts at the Ventura Film Festival, which runs from July 8-18th, 2011. Michele is a well-known author from Oxnard, CA. She is a writer, poet, and social commentator for National Public Radio and Fox Latino News.… Continue reading The Big Deal by Lucy Rodriguez-Hanley, Imagen Award Nominee