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Weirdly Wise Words from Writers

Writing can be time consuming, frustrating and I'll say it, a little tedious. It shouldn't be, especially if it's your passion, but stuff happens (especially when it comes to revisions). So when I'm at my wits end I take a break, find a book and the nearest quiet area. Sometimes I take a walk or… Continue reading Weirdly Wise Words from Writers

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La Malinche: Heroine or Traitor?

Aztec by Colin Falconer: Book Review.I read my fair share of books. If I took a photo of my bedroom (and I won't because the camera on my iPhone 3GS is crappy) you'd see two to three deep rows of books lined up back to back in my tall bookshelf. There are smaller books on… Continue reading La Malinche: Heroine or Traitor?

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Writing to Feel Better

Heidi Durrow-AuthorBoy did I have a great weekend. It started with ¬†four 'nominations' of the Liebster Blog Award. That's an interesting award, and I'll explain that soon.Next was the Santa Barbara Women's Literary Festival where I was enthralled with the stories told by amazing writers. I was also lucky enough to take some photos with… Continue reading Writing to Feel Better