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Embrace Your Swimsuit Confidence

It used to be that I watched Good Morning America every work day as I sped around my bedroom getting dressed, drinking my cuppa Joe, and yelling  “hurry up” to the kids. When I got serious about writing, I stopped watching GMA or turning on the TV in the morning. 

Most of the time I don’t miss it at all. Not just GMA, but all morning shows. I catch CNN in the evening-I have to get my Anderson Cooper fix-and watch a couple of evening dramas. So yesterday I missed a show that I wish I had watched. It would have alerted me to National Swimsuit Confidence Week. Luckily, I read the morning news that covered the story.
Now, swimsuit season is is not something I looked forward too in the past. If you’d watch me go through my dresser you’d know I have to reach into the recesses of the bottom drawer to pull out three different swimsuits-1 piece, tankini’s, 2 piece, all from the past 10 years. Yes, you guessed it, they are in three different sizes: 16, 14, and 12-my current size, I think. 
(I can’t believe I just typed out my size, but what the heck, I’m trying to get into the swing of  NS Confidence Week). 
Well, it seems that GMA had a few women out there on their plaza holding up signs about NSCW.  They were invited inside. The story is that Lands’ End has teamed up with Selfmagazine and the Curvy Girl Guide for the second annual National Swimsuit Confidence Week — 
seven days devoted to inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies and step out in their swimsuits with pride. Woo-hoo! 
GMA file photos

“We want women to get to a place where they’re comfortable in their swimsuits but more importantly their bodies,” Curvy Girl founder Brittany Gibbons said.

More than 20 breast cancer survivors from Beyond the Booby Trap have posted pics of themselves posing in their Lands’ End suits. If you think finding the right size for your body is hard, try finding one and then wearing a swimsuit after a mastectomy. It takes courage.

For the last few years I haven’t cared as much about wearing a bathing suit as before, I’m just glad I’m still around to enjoy the beach. Although I did not have a mastectomy, my lumpectomy left me a little lopsided. But I found a good suit, covered most of the chemo-port scars with a kick-ass butterfly on cherry blossoms tattoo and enjoyed the pool. 

What is inspiring about this campaign is that media is emphasizing the celebration of all types of bodies (remember the Dove commercials, Hanes). The way I see it

we can’t waste time hiding our bodies, staying away from the pool or beach, because we think our lumps are showing, our thighs jiggle, or whatever. 

Those of us who are mothers have an opportunity to embrace our bodies and show our kids we  like ourselves. I think that confidence in my body, at this stage in my life, has grown. We can show them that and let them know that 
                                we are more than boobs, thighs, and butts. 

The campaign is asking women to inspire others by posting pictures of themselves in their swimsuits on their personal Facebook page or the Land’s End Facebook page — or tweet them out using the hashtag #confidence. 

To celebrate, Lands’ End and Curvy Girl Guide  encourages women everywhere to gather their confidence and get back into the pool! 

They will be hosting a Twitter party on Wednesday, May 25 from 1-2 pm EDT, where Lands’ End will give away 10 Lands’ End Swimsuits and 10 Lands’ End Beach Towels as well as announce exclusive swimsuit promotions.

So, in celebration of NSCW I’m going to pull out one of my bathing suits and post a photo on Land’s End or Beyond the Booby Trap. And if none of the bathing suits fit I’m getting the one this young woman is wearing. Look at that beautiful smile. Now she is wearing confidence.

Curvy Girl site-suit from L.E